Roofwise offer a FREE roof survey to all UK homeowners to determine where potential improvements may be made

Roofwise offer a FREE roof survey to all UK homeowners to determine where potential improvements may be made

We check the following:

  • felt condition
  • tile condition
  • insulation condition
  • solar panel condition
  • external wall condition
We can then offer advisory points relating to any of our products and services that may help homeowners achieve their goals We do not charge to carry out a survey, all advice/quotations are no obligation, just friendly advice

Roof Wise is a company founded in the South West of England and now branching out across all of the UK providing its services and products.

Roof Wise specializes in insulation, open/closed cell spray foam which offer a number of huge benefits, water proofing, reducing condensation and damp, improving energy efficiency and drastically reducing heating costs.

we aim to offer an enjoyable experience from start to finish as you enter the process of making improvements on your property, to guide you through the options of what products are available and what would best suite your needs.
improving energy efficiency is always a great way to improve your home, it can be very time consuming researching different means of achieving this and to know which direction you should go down. which is why we offer a no cost survey on your property where we send out a representative to assess the feasibility of your home for a number of insulation products to see which one would best suite you.

Our Process

  • 1. Survey property and look at the options
  • 2. Quotation generated
  • 3. Scheduled work date
  • 4. External roof preparations work (waterproof tests)
  • 5. Insulation work
  • 6. Guarantee


We spray ceiling, attics, floors and cavity walls. By dealing direct with an Lapolla dealer you can save as there is no commission paid by third party companies representing our product. You can benefit from up to 30% off in certain situations with our winter install discounts so make sure to speak with one of our installation experts today to see if your home is suitable.

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  • Residential Applications

    Closed cell foam is a high performance material that has a high R-value, and fantastic air sealing properties. This makes it ideal for insulating tight areas such as vaulted ceilings, or when working on areas where air sealing is critical like basement bonds.

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  • Commercial Applications

    Sustainable buildings are an enormous benefit for building owners, occupants, and the environment. Take an active role in helping reduce greenhouse gases, thus slowing the effects of global warming.

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Ty Pennington - Lapolla Spray Foam Insulation

Ty Pennington with Lapolla Industries - Did you know you can save up to 45% on your monthly energy bills using Lapolla spray foam insulation in the attic, walls and crawl spaces of your house?

Our homes are exposed to the constant changes of Mother Nature, whether it’s blistering heat or freezing cold. The best defense against these changing weather conditions is your home’s insulation. Traditional forms of insulation found in many homes is a poor defense. They force your heating and air conditioning units to work longer and harder, which wastes energy and costs you money creating significantly higher energy bills for you and your family.

This is bad for the environment and it's really bad for your bank account. There's no better name for state-of-the-art insulation technology than Lapolla.

Customer Testimonials

  • Cloudbase Media

    Cloudbase Media

    “First time I have used your company and system and would use again and recommend to my colleagues”

    Alan Sanford
    Managing Director

  • Residential Home Owner

    Residential Home Owner

    “Delighted with the work, our house is much warmer and we have turned down the heating”

    Kasia Joubert